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Vet School for Kids™

Virtual Interactive Veterinary Workshops for Children (and Adults)

Melissa Shapiro, DVM 203-984-1613

Vet School for Kids offers fun, interactive, and educational hour long workshop style zoom sessions for kids. Topics focus on vet med and pet care all presented in a friendly, easily accessed, age appropriate format. While the program was originally aimed at elementary school aged children, it is also being offered to older students as well as adults. 

Contact for details. 


Pet Safety Part 1

In depth discussion of household and outdoor toxins and dangers, how to treat, and how to prevent. Activity: Create an informative letter about pet safety for friends and family.


Pet Safety Part 2

Continuation of Pet Safety Part 1 covering preventative medicine, car safety, extreme weather conditions, dog walking, basic first aid.

Follows Pet Safety 1. Activity: Create a PSA poster about xylitol toxicity in dogs to be posted on social media pages, shared in school, and shared with others who have dogs.

Pet Safety for Adults

Pet Safety Parts 1 and 2 combined into a one part hour and a half session for adults. 

Basic Dog and Cat Care for Kids

Feeding, Training, Household and Car Safety, Flea and Tick Control, Grooming, Routine Vet Visit, Activity: Emergency Info and Contact Card to be shared with family and friends.


Veterinary Medicine 1 

What do Vets do?  History and Physical Exam, Preventative Medicine- Vaccines, Parasites, Flea and Tick Control, Ear Care, Nail Trim, Radiographs.

Follows Basic Dog and Cat Care for Kids.  
Activity: Learn how to perform a physical exam on a pet.


Veterinary Medical Procedures

Review of Physical Exam, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Dentistry, Injection and Blood Draw Techniques, Restraint Techniques, Surgery, Bandaging, Radiographs

Follows Vet Med 1 

Activity: Show and Tell Pets


Veterinary Medicine 2

Approach to the Sick Animal- When is it time to bring your pet to the vet?

History, Physical Exam, Diagnostic Testing, Diagnoses, Prognoses, Treatment Plans, Outcomes Using Real Clinical Case Examples.

Follows Vet Med 2

Activity: Create a symptom PSA poster to share with family and friends.


Animal Rescue Work

There are countless numbers of dogs, cats, birds, farm animals, as well as wild animals in need. Find out how they are being helped by animal rescuers, veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators, and animal welfare organizations. And, find out how you can be a part of animal rescue. 

Activity: Brainstorm about how to become involved in animal rescue.

Activity: Organize a fundraiser and supply collection for a local shelter.


Piglet Mindset (

Piglet, the deaf blind pink puppy is a perfect model for growth mindset lessons as he faces his challenges with a positive attitude. Piglet and his 7 pack of rescued dogs, set an example of Acceptance, Inclusion, and Kindness. Piglet is an engaging character that children (and adults) easily relate to as they explore their own growth mindset and acceptance towards others regardless of their differences. 

Activity: Learn mapping skills using textured sticker maze, identify scents, simple puzzles blindfolded, kindness projects.

Caring for Disabled Dogs which includes Teaching Tap Signals to a Deaf Blind Dog (

Learn about how to care for dogs who have a variety of disablities. We'll talk about disabilities, accommodations, specific care, quality of life, and the amazing community outreach many disabled dogs are doing. 

All dogs want to communicate. Most can hear verbal cues or see hand signals. But deaf and blind dogs aren't able hear voices or see hands. Instead, they use their sense of touch to receive tap signals from their people. Piglet, the deaf blind pink puppy will happily demostrate how he learned and uses his repertoire of tap signals to commucate with his people.
Activity: Teach a dog a tap signal. 


Virtual Veterinary Hospital Tour (Facetime)

See how a veterinary hospital is set up to care for sick as well as healthy animals.

For students who have participated in Vet School for Kids classes. 


Customized birthday parties, private bookings, school workshops, individual instruction, and classes for older students and adults are available. All of our workshops are interactive.

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