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We now carry the Home Again brand microchip. Please consider having your pet microchipped. Even the most careful pet people (me!!) have lost their beloved pets. ID tags and collars are not 100% reliable, although they are an important fist line of defense for finding  a lost pet. Microchips give assurance that if a pet is picked up and ends up at a vet hospital, shelter, rescue, or pound, it will be readily identified and returned. In the case of a tragic accident, pets are identified and the family can be notfied. Microchips are safe and proven to reunite pets with their people. Please remember to have them checked during routine appointments to be sure they are functioning and easy to find in your pet. 

Safe Reliable Pet Care

If you have to leave, know who's taking care of your pet:

I'ts important to find a good pet sitter or kennel for your pets when you need to leave them for a weekend, a week, a day, or ef.  Everyone needs to feel comfortable and confident that when you leave your precious pets, they will be taken care of with the highest level of compassion and safety. 

Ask about our comprehensive guide to choosing safe, reliable pet care.


Piglet Mindset Educational Outreach Program

Visit to learn about our educational outreach program based on the life of Piglet, the deaf blind pink puppy. 

Follow Piglet on Instagram @pinkpigletpuppy and

Facebook Piglet, the deaf blind pink puppy.


What's New?


In flea and tick, heartworm, and intestinal parasite prevention:

Ask about natural as well as new mainstream spot on and oral long lasting preventiatives.  Environmental management can be extremely helpful in preventing infestation with these potential hazardous creatures.  

Let's try to minimize all those vaccines!

Ask about vaccine titers for canine distemper and parvovirus. 

Ask about an individual vaccine protocol tailored to your individual pet's needs. 

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