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The Visiting Vet Service was established over 30 years ago by Dr. Melissa Shapiro. The purpose was to provide custom, compassionate medical care to her patients and their people, in the comfort of their own homes. Since then, the practice has grown and changed but the philosophy is the same. We take care of our patients as if they were our own. 

In-Home End of Life Care for Dogs and Cats

House calls for palliative, end of life care, quality of life consults, and euthanasia and cremation services. Learn more HERE.

Why choose the Visiting Vet Service for
In-Home End of Life Care?

We offer objective compassionate guidance and support for pet parents

during the most emotional phase of their beloved pet’s life. 

In-Home Quality of Life Evaluations and follow up consulting help pet parents

prepare for end-of-life decisions for their pets.

We consider that each individual pet reaches the end of their life in their own individual way.

Maintaining dignity and comfort are priorities.

We respect each family member’s approach, views, and emotions towards end-of-life care

and decisions about humane euthanasia.

Flexible, short notice scheduling is available as euthanasia is difficult to plan too far in advance.

We offer virtual follow-up consulting for senior and chronically ill pets. Once a diagnosis is made, and a treatment plan is in place, we are able to monitor quality of life, comfort, and dignity as diseases progress. We use e-mail, phone, or zoom, depending on individual preference. 
Click here for more info.

We also offer virtual consults for pets that are not local patients of the Visiting Vet Service. Click here for more info. 

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