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The Visiting Vet Service was established in 1991 by Dr. Melissa Shapiro. The purpose was to provide individual, compassionate, caring medical attention to clients and their pets, in the comfort of their own homes. Since then, the practice has grown and changed but the philosophy has not. We take care of our patients as if they were our own. 

In Person House Calls: Routine checkups and vaccines, as well as examinations for simple medical issues, can usually be provided in your home. Many pets find a house call to be a much more comfortable experience than a trip to the vet hospital. Elderly and disabled patients that are difficult to move also benefit from house calls. Senior pet services include quality of life evaluations, palliative care, and in-home euthanasia.  When a hospital visit is necessary, we arrange our own appointments and we meet you at our base hospital or give you the option of dropping your pet off if that is more convenient. Either way, your pet will continue to receive the same personal care he/she would receive during a house call. 

We now offer virtual rechecks for a variety of acute and chronic conditions, illnesses, and injuries. Senior and chronically ill pets are well suited for ongoing virtual monitoring with compassionate guidance, keeping track of chronic progressive conditions, especially in old dogs and cats, with minimal stress. Once a diagnosis is made, we are able to monitor response to new medications, adjust dosages, add new treatments, and manage overall treatment plans. We use e-mail, phone, or zoom, depending on individual preference. Continual contact with a veterinarian gives pet parents peace of mind as they care for their pets.
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We also offer virtual consults for pets that are not local patients of the Visiting Vet Service. 
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